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The Halo Disinfection System

HaloFogger LS (tiny)

MB-10 Tablets

MB-10 Trans Bright

Remco Color Coded Plasticware

Remco Vikan Brush

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Need a safe secure environment fast? Need to get your facility back to zero before introducing new cleaning and disinfection protocols?

We can help.

We deliver high-end, comprehensive decon services to both the government and the private sector, allowing facilities to focus on their areas of expertise.

QuipDecon Services are comprised of multiple components that include Quip Laboratories’ proprietary chemistries, state-of-the-art equipment and proven methodologies for design, monitoring, testing and education of both facility staff and researchers.

  • Create a sterile environment for your facility without putting stress on your employees
  • ATP Monitoring ensures that there is no organic soil presence before disinfection
  • Reduces liability when a facility is no longer needed

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