Even if you’ve been a client for years, welcome to the new  Quip Labs!

Quip Laboratories focuses on helping our clients to achieve and maintain the highest levels of both biological safety and sanitary cleanliness in their critical operations. Our company offers clients an unsurpassed variety of proprietary products, equipment, monitoring, training and advisory services for achieving biosafety.

Across the Full Spectrum of Biosafety Products.

From a single sanitation monitoring device, to novel chemical formulations and sophisticated storage, measured delivery and remote monitoring systems, Quip Laboratories is distinguished nationally and internationally by the spectrum of products we offer.

We are committed to supplying our clients with products that are effective on the job and gentle on the environment. For more information about the characteristics of our eco-gentle products, please visit the “What is Eco-gentle?” page on this site.

Unmatched Professional & Consultative Services.

Experts in microbiology, facility hygiene and decontamination, chemistry management systems and sanitation monitoring work in tandem with our Product Specialists, Regional Biosafety Account Managers and Technical Service Specialists to assist industry-leading clients in:

  • achieving biosafety and maintaining facility and process sanitation,
  • reaching and exceeding government standards for employee, animal, product and environmental safety,
  • reducing operational costs and risks, and
  • reducing carbon footprint.

From advising on facility design and architecture, to assistance with developing comprehensive sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs), our clients rely on an ever-increasing expertise across the wide variety of operational areas and functions affected by biosafety procedures and preparedness.

This is why, since 1985, leaders in the fields of Biomedical Research, Pharmaceutical Production, Companion Animal Care and Food Processing turn to Quip Laboratories.

Quip’s 30,000 sq.ft. building in Wilmington, Delaware, is the headquarters for our Administrative, Research and Development, Quality Control, Production, Shipping, Customer Solutions, Sales and Marketing teams. Our regional offices, throughout the continental U.S., are staffed by Regional Biosafety Account Managers, Product Specialists and Technical Service Specialists.

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