Halo Accessories and Equipment

The Drager X-am 1500

Equipment Page - Drager

The Dräger X-am 5100 is a portable single-gas detector for H2O2 that ensures that you’re using the safest methods within your facility. The monitor can be used intuitively thanks to the practical two-button control panel and straightforward menu guidance system.

HaloShield Vent Covers

Equipment Page - Vent Cover

These reusable vent covers make room preparation for fogging treatment faster and easier. Installed from the floor (no ladder required), the HaloShield quickly seals vents without shutting down HVAC and ventilation systems.

H2O2 Chemical Indicator Strips

Equipment Page - Chemical Indicator Strips

Need to safely measure the amount of hydrogen peroxide around your facility? Our H2O2 test strips were created to measure the presence and concentration level of hydrogen peroxide residues from  1-100ppm.

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The HaloSwitch™ is an integral component of the Halo Disinfection System that controls operation of the HaloFogger® and an air scrubber (dehumidifier, air handler, etc.). The HaloSwitch will start the scrubbing process automatically, greatly improving room turnaround time.

Smoke Detector Cover

Keep your smoke detectors from coming into contact with the fogged H2O2 by purchasing these Halosil smoke detector covers. Installed from the floor, without requiring the use of a ladder, these reusable smoke detector covers make room preparation for fogging treatment faster and easier.

HaloFogger Travel Case

Reusable hard-sided case provides durable protection for transport of your fogger. The case is made from 3/8″ plywood construction with heavy PVC laminate exterior and features a hinged lid for easy loading, recessed handles and padlock catches.  3″ recessed corner dolly wheels. Replacement Foam inserts available.