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As a chemical company, we regularly get asked “isn’t there just one disinfectant we can use for everything?” While we will continue to work on that at Quip, there is still no “Perfect Disinfectant”, though MB-10 Tablets are very close. The Questions below are the most common questions we are asked when a disinfectant is being reviewed, or when we are presenting a new disinfectant. The Responses below are provided for MB-10

Are MB-10 Tablets effective on the pathogens we are concerned about? And is there data to support all your label claims?

Yes, MB-10 Tablets maintain one of the broadest, most complete EPA Labels available in the industry, maintaining efficacy on pathogens that are of focus in both clinical settings and the animal research community. You can check out our efficacy sheet for MB-10 for full efficacy information, and all efficacy claims are approved by the California Department of Pesticide Registration (CAL DPR).

Are MB-10 Tablets for my team to use?

Yes, MB-10 will only require standard pair of chemical resistant gloves when being used. For more information on this, please refer to the MB-10 Tablet Use-Solution GHS SDS. The MB-10 Tablet Use-Solution SDS represents the hazards of the product for the solution your team will be handling.

Are MB-10 Tablets safe to come into direct contact with humans and animals?

Yes, MB-10 is safe for direct skin contact with humans and animals including nude mice. When looking at the impact that a disinfectant solution, such as MB-10, will have on direct skin contact, the focus is always on the cytotoxicity levels of the solution being tested. If a solution shows high cytotoxicity, it means that along with killing the organism in question it also killed the surrounding cells.

When performing efficacy tests on viruses, cytotoxicity testing is required. It is protocol that the solution being tested cannot kill the host cells to kill the test virus. Along with the cytotoxicity data provided, you will also see high log reductions by the MB- 10 solutions. All the studies show NO Cytotoxicity caused by an MB-10 Tablet solution.

Are MB-10 Tablets easy to ship and store on site?

Yes, the tablet technology makes MB-10 the most cost effective disinfectant to ship and the most convenient disinfectant to store on site. It eliminates the cost of shipping large liquid drums or gallon cases of liquids. With that change, MB-10 also eliminates the need to move large drums or heavy cases around your facility. MB-10 is also a wonderfully efficient space saver when in the facility. One sleeve holds 40 6.0-gram tablets or 75 1.5-gram tablets. That is equal to 40 gallons or 75 quarts of solution.

Are MB-10 Tablets easy to train my team to use?

MB-10 is an extremely simple product to train your team on. Simply fill an MB-10 labeled quart bottle or gallon jug with cold tap water and drop in a 1.5-gram tablet in the quart bottle or a 6.0-gram tablet in the gallon. Wait 10 minutes for the tablet to dissolve and then begin disinfection. It’s really that simple. For procedural purposes we have an MB-10 Preparation SOP that we have attached.

What is the cost per quart and per gallon of an MB-10 solution?

Please note, there are tablet volume price breaks offered. When compared with RTU disinfectant which can often be nearly 10x more expensive than MB-10, the tablets offer a superior value for many of our
customers, particularly when ordering in large volume. And that doesn’t even take into account the ship-ping costs, movement of gallons in the facility, and storage of liquids!

What is the shelf life of the product?

MB-10 Tablets maintain a 3-year shelf life when in the pouch. The expiration date is printed on each individual pouch. Once the tablet is dissolved into water, the MB-10 solution is viable for 7 days in an opaque container.

What are its EPA approved contact times?

All MB-10 Tablet contact times range from 1 minute for HIV to 60 minutes to achieve sterility. Many common human pathogens, including Hepatitis B and C and Human Influenza A are within a ten minute contact time at 200ppm. For those in animal research, nearly all animal pathogens of focus are a 10 minute contact time at a concentration of 100PPM. You can find more information on MB-10 efficacy on our MB-10 Tablets Product Page.

Can this product be used anywhere else in my facility?

Yes, along with being used as your primary hard surface disinfectant, MB-10 an be used as a fogged disinfectant in a ULV Fogger (like the Quip Labs BullFogger) to reach areas that normal disinfection methods miss. It can also be used to spray down incoming materials into your facility, spray shoe/covers at door entrances & spray items in the pass-through.

The application of spraying down incoming material is either applied through a hand held pump-up sprayer or through a misting tunnel. Also, MB-10 Tablets are EPA approved to be used in a room fogging application, as well as a cold sterilant. Please review the EPA Label for further details on these applications. Lastly, MB-10 Tablets are also on the EPA approved disinfectant list for Ebola Virus and are included on the EPA’s List N for products that are recommended for use against SARS-CoV-2. It also has an emerging pathogen claim.

What size tablets/solutions are available?

There are two tablets sizes, 1.5 gram and 6.0 gram. The 1.5 gram tablet dropped in a quart of cold tap water creates a 100PPM solution that is viable for a week. The 6.0 gram tablet dissolved in a gallon of cold tap water creates a 100PPM solution that is also viable for a week. The gallon solution can be decanted into smaller quart bottles. The size tablet that is used in your facility is typically dependent on point of use (possible storage in each room in the tech box), cost savings (using larger tablet & dispensing into smaller containers), and needed convenience (BSL area with restricted access).

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