Amber Bottles for MB-10 and Vimoba

For our customers that use MB-10 and Vimoba, we’ve created a dual bottle stand to aid in the simplicity of disinfecting forceps. This rack holds two amber glass bottles, which are tinted to maintain the PPM of light sensitive solutions such as MB-10 and Vimoba. These bottles are mounted at an angle on the plastic stand, which makes dipping forceps in and out of the solution easier than ever.

When you’re done using the bottles, they can be sealed up again, leaving the use-solution inside safe until its needed next. The amber glass protects the solution from sunlight, and doesn’t react or break it down during storage.

For more information about the types of equipment that Quip Labs offers, check out the video below. If you’d like to speak with someone right away, you can tell us about your biosafety and facility hygiene hurdles in the form at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Quip Labs Equipment:

The following are our most frequently asked questions about the equipment we sell. Just click to see the answer!

Why should I buy my equipment from Quip Labs?

Purchasing your sanitizing equipment from our biosafety specialists means that you can be sure you are ordering the right equipment for your facility.

What Equipment does Quip Labs Sell?

At Quip Labs we sell a wide variety of the very best dispensing, filling, storage and application equipment.

Where is the equipment sold by Quip Labs manufactured?

At Quip Laboratories we make an effort to source much of our equipment from manufacturers within the United States. However, due to our competitive pricing, some of our equipment such as buckets and brushes come from outside the country.

What equipment should I purchase for use with my chemicals?

Unfortunately, the best way to understand the equipment you’ll need is to hear firsthand from you about your facility hygiene hurdles. Because of this, we may need to speak with you before recommending equipment for your facility.

I have an issue with my current equipment, can you help?

If you’re unhappy your current equipment we can absolutely help. Our specialists are well-versed in material compatibility and can recommend the right equipment for your chemical products.

Where can I purchase the equipment recommended by Quip Laboratories?

We’ll be happy to explain the type of mixing, storage and dispensing equipment recommended for your chemical products anytime, and, when you’re ready, you can get them directly from us for a one-stop shop.

Interested in purchasing equipment through Quip Labs?

In order to ensure that the equipment you purchase is right for you, we’ll need just a little more information about your facility. Just let us know in the form below what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to help.

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