Learn more about our Environmental Monitoring and Expanded Lab Services!

Evaluating your level of facility hygiene is no small task, particularly when you have colonies of animals at stake.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our new and improved Environmental Monitoring and Lab Services. Our superior monitoring program is designed to provide a better understanding of your facility’s hygiene issues before and after sanitation, allowing you to understand how your sanitation programs stack up, and how you can improve in the future. We’ll make sure you that your facility has the latest in pathogen identification and other lab services, so that you can stay on top of problematic pathogens and keep your facility safe and your work running smoothly.

Require more specific identification of bacterial samples?  We’ve got you covered.

Because of the needs of facilities like yours, we’ve added Maldi-Tof identification and DNA Sequencing to our list of lab services, meaning that we can now provide specific identification in addition to giving a standard CFU count. With Maldi-Tof sequencing, you’ll be saved the hassle and cost of ordering a second sampling round to discover the exact bacteria encountered on the press plates.

We’ve have a few different ways that we can provide lab services, depending on your needs.

Our Difco HYcheck Service

With our Difco HYcheck Service, we’ll supply the slide and label and our customers can press the slide themselves, and do their own incubating. While this method won’t provide third party validation, however, it can be an easy solution for facilities that have had more experience with plating and just need identification.

Our CFU Service

With this service, our customers press and send the samples, and we check the growth and report back to you. In the past, our detection was limited the number of CFUs, without a full identification. Now, with Maldi-tof, FAME and DNA Sequencing identification we can pinpoint exact bacteria, mold, and yeast, and be better prepared to offer disinfection expertise that can get your facility back on track.

The FAME identification service can also be used to evaluate effects of a high-fat diet on biopsied livers of rodents.

Our CFU+ Service

Our CFU+ service is a full-service environmental monitoring package. For customers new to environmental monitoring or who have a lot on their hands, we’ll gladly come to your facility, complete the sampling and ship back to our labs to test. Our CFU+ service also provides our customers a true third party validation, so that you can provide proof of your high standards to just about anyone.

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