Products Included with the Primagiene Service

Pri-Mate Acid

NHP Acid Cage Wash Cleaner

Pri-Mate Alkaline

Pri-Mate Alkaline

Orion Pump

All piping and fittings

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Primagiene NHP Services, our tailored suite of products and services, combines unique chemistries and applicators specially designed to both enhance the hygiene of non-human primate (NHP) facilities, and to reduce the costs associated with maintaining their
cleanliness and freedom from contaminants. Quip Laboratories’ innovative products and 30 years of experience offers NIH Facilities, through the Primagiene program, a reliable program for measurable financial savings and enhanced facility operations.

This comprehensive approach is the product of our experience and familiarity with NHP facility hygiene that has been proven to deliver excellence in the support of NHP facility’s operational performance, in the following key objectives:

1. Consistent surface monitoring results.
2. Reduction of neutralization requirement.
3. Reduction of product usage, time, and costs
associated with neutralization
4. Reductions in energy use, via reduced use of water
and pressure washing
5. Preservation of enclosure substrates through
reduction of corrosiveness of cleaning products

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