Products Included with the PurityGard Service

Quiptrol 3000

Quiptrol 3000 bottle

Walchem Probe

Orion Pump

All piping and fittings

The PurityGard Tank

WebMaster Controller

Recirculating Pump

Achieve better Animal Drinking Water Purification with our PurityGard System

Achieve and Maintain Animal Drinking Water Purification

Achieve and maintain reliable, effective animal drinking water purification (ADW) across the full spectrum of animal watering system types and configurations with our PurityGard Service.

Because the health of your animal models is critical to your success, the PurityGard service ensures continuous water quality surveillance and animal drinking water purification as part of your overall water quality program, for either ADW or sanitation process.  The service combines sophisticated components and proven approaches to detect and, if desired, eradicate pathogens and contaminants. More importantly, it makes disinfection and monitoring of animal drinking water easy.

Need peace of mind? Quip Laboratories’ proprietary chemistries, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven methodologies for testing deliver real results.  PurityGard© systems are at work protecting premier biomedical research facilities across the U.S. and, most importantly, plays a crucial role in supporting world-class research involving some of the most complex and sensitive animal models.

What’s included?

The flexible PurityGard System animal drinking water purification components, which are tailored to each client’s specific needs, include:

  • Sampling
  • Chemical treatment
  • System monitoring
  • Training
  • Microbial testing
  • Reports of Findings in Detail & Summary
  • Alerts

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