Chlorine Dioxide for Legionella Control

Study: Evaluation of Chlorine Dioxide in Potable Water Systems for Legionella Control in an Acute Care Hospital Environment

Executive Summary

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  • The study evaluates the safety and efficacy of chlorine dioxide for Legionella control in a potable water system in an acute care hospital environment.
  • It examines chlorine dioxide, its by-products, and their impact on Legionella, pathogenic bacteria, biofilm, medical and laboratory filtration systems, corrosion rates, and the environment.
  • Corrosion monitoring was conducted using copper and mild steel coupons placed in bypass racks to assess the impact of chlorine dioxide.
  • Water quality monitoring, including Legionella and bacterial culturing, was performed at multiple sites in the building over a 46-month period.
  • The data obtained from the study demonstrated the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide in controlling Legionella and pathogenic bacteria in the hospital potable water system.

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