Tech Week 2021 Giveaway Quiz!

Welcome to the Quip Labs 2021 Tech Week Quiz!

In an effort to cut down on the tons of plastic, cotton and tech waste that result from marketing giveaways, this year we’ve decided to plan a fun activity for the techs we love! We’ve set up a quiz to help teach techs across the country more about basic biosafety, our cleaners and disinfectants, and proper animal lab etiquette.

Of course, just because we’re trying to limit the amount of trash we create, doesn’t mean we’re not planning to take care of you. Take the quiz below, and you’ll be able to enter your answers in for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2! We’re giving away 8 of them for Tech Week, one for each AALAS District.

All the answers can be found on our website (hint, check out “Education” on the main navigation, and the Product filter on our “Products” page). Good luck!

Terms and conditions apply. Mainly that any entries outside of tech week will not be entered, all entrants must be within the United States and only one entry per person, but also a few more to help us manage it and keep it fun. You can read them all here.