AccuPoint Advanced for Companion Animal Facilities

How well are you cleaning?

The AccuPoint®Advanced System is an ATP cleaning verification and tracking system that measures cleaning effectiveness.

The system features a hand-held instrument and sampling devices that measure ATP levels on a variety of surfaces in your vet office, including surgery tables, waiting room surfaces, countertops and more.

Neogen’s Data Manager Advanced software is an easy-to-use management tool that puts essential data right in your hands.  Now it’s easier than ever to generate and review the data essential for determining the effectiveness of cleaning efforts in areas, rooms, test sites, equipment and with employees’ adherence to SOPs.

The AccuPoint® system delivers consistent, reliable results…

• Rapidly validates the cleanliness of up to 999 unique test site surfaces in your veterinary office
• Extracts ATP samples efficiently on any surface, substance or liquid
• Enables testing in wet and liquid areas, including very small and large areas.

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