HaloFogger for Veterinary Facilities

Introducing the HaloFogger LS

The mobile HaloFogger LS™ from Halosil dispenses the same extremely effective  formula as our original HaloFogger™, only with the addition of a 90 second delay in fogging to better protect your veterinary staff. This adds another safeguard for your employees and animals, giving them more time to clear and seal a room before the HaloFogger begins dispensing. The HaloFogger for veterinary facilities can fog up to 10,000 cubic feet in 60 minutes.

Part of the Halo Disinfection System™, the HaloFogger provides a unique way to perform supplemental surface disinfection within a sealed room by dispensing an aerosolized dry-mist of HaloSpray™ Disinfectant throughout a room to reach into nooks, crevices and corners that other disinfecting methods may neglect, as well as kill airborne pathogens. 

Quip Laboratories is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of the HaloFogger and Halo Disinfection System to the veterinary community, and we know that you’ll appreciate it’s efficiency and ease-of-use in your clinic!

Not sure if the HaloFogger LS is the right HaloFogger for your facility? Check out the full line here!

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