Announcing the new HaloFogger FLX

Announcing the newest addition to its HaloFogger ® line of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide fogging devices for whole room disinfection, the Halo FLX®.

This new model combines the proven effectiveness and volume capacity of Halosil’s standard, industry-proven HaloFogger with the added nozzle flexibility available with its HaloFogger® EXT, which is used to treat smaller spaces. The FLX design includes a tripod assembly on which to mount detachable hoses, providing extended range so that the fogger can be optimally positioned to achieve the best efficacy in each room while speeding overall room disinfection processes.

Operators are able to position the HaloFogger FLX outside of the treatment area while fogging takes place, so that they do not have to wait for the fog to dwell and aerate before moving the FLX to the next area for treatment. With a single FLX fogger, multiple rooms can be disinfected in rapid succession. Like the standard HaloFogger, HaloFogger FLX has a fluid output of 50ml (1.7 oz) per minute and can treat a room up to 9,500 cubic feet. The FLX comes standard with a 12 foot detachable hose, although additional nozzle assemblies are also available.

“The efficacy of your room disinfection methods is not just dependent on the disinfectants you use, but also the devices that deliver them,” said Chris Ungermann, Chief Executive Officer of Halosil International, who manurfactures the Halo Disinfection System models for Quip Laboratories. “Our Halo Disinfection System® is EPA-validated to kill 99.9999% of C. diff spores in healthcare settings because of our exceptional combination of HaloMist™ fogging formula and HaloFogger fogging technology—which is designed to improve the way our Halo disinfectants kill. HaloFogger FLX builds on that proven efficacy and provides our customers with a new standard for easy operationalization and cost effectiveness.”

“As a company, we are committed to continually helping our customers raise the standard of their disinfection processes with solutions that improve usability, flexibility, and speed,” Ungermann continued. “The FLX model embodies this commitment.”