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What is Biosafety University?

Grab your mortarboard and tweed jacket and get ready to enroll in Biosafety University, a crash-course in biosafety, facility hygiene and the latest breakthroughs in the disinfection and sanitation industries. We’ll be adding more resources, studies, infographics and educational videos in the future, so be sure to stop in periodically for a refresher on the hows and whys of facility hygiene, as well as training documents, videos, quizzes and more!

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Our Encyclopedia of Common Pathogens details the symptoms and transmission of the most common pathogens we deal with, as well as providing links to the Quip Labs chemistries that carry efficacy claims for them. If you need help using this resource, just head to any pathogen page and click the “Video Tour” for more information!


The risk of infection is everywhere in laboratories, but fortunately you can combat that risk with proper Biosafey education and a keen understanding of the disinfectants in your facility.


Our Sanitation Survival Guide is a handy how-to guide to get everyone in your facility on the same page. In it, you’ll learn our “Quick and Dirty Tips to Get Clean” and some general strategies for keeping your facility on track. While by no means comprehensive, we hope that it serves as a helpful reminder about the importance of sanitation and education in your facility.


From our popular “Ask Dr. Quip” series to our educational Bisoafety Basics primer, you can find a variety of educational videos on our YouTube Channel. We welcome you to check back periodically for the latest in biosafety and facility hygiene, or simply subscribe to get the latest videos as soon as we make them!


Need to find the answer to a specific question? Want to browse article topics and learn as you go? Either way, in this section you can navigate your way through some of the more in-depth articles we’ve written on biosafety and facility hygiene. Click the question for a brief answer, or click “Learn More” to dive right in.


We created our Biosafety Insights blog to deliver innovative strategies, insights and state-of-the-art methodologies that help our clients achieve their biosafety and facility hygiene goals. The posts below cross a wide variety of industries and topics, so feel free to use the post filter to check out the ones that appeal to you.