About Our Eco-Gentle Chemistries

More than a tag-line; it’s our guiding philosophy.

From the European Union to the state of California, demand is increasing for products and processes that are gentler to our planet and fragile biosystems.

The people of Quip Laboratories have held this belief since our company began. We take our responsibility–to make it safe, simply and sensibly-as seriously as our clients approach their missions and objectives. That’s why we put this commitment on virtually every communication with our clients. It reminds everyone of the promise we make—and the assurance we provide—for a cleaner, healthier future.

An essential component of making something safe is using sensible formulae and approaches to mitigate (if not render inert) the environmental impact of our clients’ wastes and effluence. This is why we offer solutions for sanitizing air, water and a variety of surfaces—within and outside our clients’ facilities.

Quip Laboratories’ unique, proven chemistries and innovative systems are designed to deliver the following green benefits:

  • biodegradable
  • low threshold limit value (TLV)
  • low foaming
  • pH-neutralizing
  • phosphate-free
  • self-limiting
  • substrate compatible

We concentrate on getting the tough biosafety jobs done with as little impact on our environment as possible. Our care for what’s going down the drain drove us to create the next generation of smart, powerful biosafety agents that deliver results without harsh phosphates and troublesome surfactants.

  • Eco-gentle surfactants optimize washer performance with reduced foam.
  • Chemistry that supports regulatory and accrediting compliance.
  • Maximum performance without the need for buffering agents
  • No caustics. No chlorine. No APEs. No butyl solvents. No harsh acids.