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Your Trusted Partner in Life-Sciences Decontamination Services

Quip Labs is your trusted partner in Laboratory DecontaminationResearch Facility Decontamination, and Vivarium Decontamination. In the face of an outbreak, our comprehensive services ensure thorough Pathogen Remediation to safeguard your critical research and operations.

With Quiplabs, you can rest assured of a sterile environment, reduced liability, better control of pathogen outbreaks in research models, and a facility that’s back to zero. Our services also include Third-Party Validation of cleaning and disinfection for regulatory or business development purposes. Trust Quip Labs for a cleaner, safer, and more productive research environment.

1. It Starts With Getting Your Facility Clean

How do we make sure you’re completely pathogen free? It starts with getting your facility clean. We do a thorough, deep clean, paying extra care to crevasses and small details to remove soils and take away the hiding spots that often harbor pathogens.

2. Transparency and Data Driven Results

After cleaning, we make sure that there is no organic soil present by testing surfaces with an ATP meter. An ATP meter, such as the AccuPoint Advanced that we use, tests surfaces for Adenosine Triphosphate. This test gives us a better understanding of how effective the cleaning was, and makes sure that there are no organic soils leftover to deactivate disinfectants.

3. Optimal Disinfection For The Best Results

Once we’re sure we’ve removed the stubborn soils that hide common pathogens, we can begin to disinfect. The optimal method for whole-room decontamination is a dry-fog of hydrogen peroxide, however the actual disinfection method we’ll choose depends on a variety of factors. No matter what we choose, we’ll make sure that we’re using the ideal disinfection method for your facility, taking care to protect the health of your employees and animals, while maintaining the integrity of your equipment and eradicating harmful pathogens.

What’s Included in QuipDecon Decontamination Services

QuipDecon Decontamination Services are comprised of multiple components that include Quip Laboratories’ proprietary chemistries, state-of-the-art equipment and proven methodologies for design, monitoring, testing and education of both facility staff and researchers. Our Services allow you to

  • Create a sterile environment for your facility without putting stress on your employees
  • ensure that there is no organic soil presence before disinfection with ATP Monitoring
  • Reduce liability when a facility is no longer needed
  • Better control HAIs and pathogen outbreaks in research models
  • Get your facility back to zero
  • Validate cleaning and disinfection for regulatory or business development purposes.

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