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We spend a lot of time discussing the importance of disinfection and sterilization, while often proper cleaning and sanitation tactics take a back seat. Today we’re going to switch it up and present the Sanitation Survival Guide: COVID-19 Edition, a handy update on our popular how-to guide to get everyone in your facility on the same page. This starter guide is by no means comprehensive, but we hope that it serves as a helpful reminder about the importance of sanitation and education in your facility.

Quick and Dirty Tips to Get Clean:

  • The four pillars of cleaning are Time, Heat, Chemical Cleaners and Mechanical Action. Remove one and you’ll need to compensate with another to remove soils.
  • Organic material such as feces or blood inactivate many disinfectants, meaning surfaces that haven’t been properly cleaned might be reducing the efficacy of your disinfectants.
  • Acid, alkaline and neutral cleaners are not interchangeable. Each is best when used for its particular cleaning need. 
  • Most new glass is slightly alkaline and should be washed upon receipt
  • An ATP meter can effectively tell you whether you’re cleaning methods are actually working.
  • Organic and inorganic soils should be treated differently, and cleaned using different products.
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Sanitation Survival Guide: COVID-19 Edition