Halosil Announces 150 HaloFogger Disinfectant Units to Go to China

With Coronavirus infections rising in China, many whole-room disinfection methods are taking center stage in the fight against infection, particularly dry-fogged hydrogen peroxide like that used in the Halo Disinfection System. Our trusted partner Halosil International has just announced that they are filling an order for 150 HaloFogger disinfectant units to go to China. HaloFoggers are about the size of a golf bag, and dispense a special blend of hydrogen peroxide and a silver solution into a sealed-off room.

The Coronavirus, which is easily transmissible through surface or air contact, has killed 910 people thus far, including one U.S. citizen, and left tens of thousands infected in China and countries around the world, including the United States.

“It’s a shame that this is happening, but quite frankly we have the tools to contain it, and we are getting them there very, very rapidly,” MaryAlice StClair, Vice President of Halosil International said.

The manufacturing leg of Halosil, which is in a warehouse in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, has added an additional daily shift to fill the order. The HaloMist disinfectant solution is made in Houston, and it is bottled in South Carolina.

Quip Labs is a proud partner and distributor of the Halo Disinfection system, and we are working with companies both at home and abroad to fight Coronavirus and other clinical infections. To order your Halo Disinfection System, or any of the disinfection or sterilant chemistries we make in-house, fill out our Regional Contact Form today!