Medicare to crack down on C. Diff Infections

In a recent survey of 183 hospitals, Clostridium difficile was the most reported pathogen, causing 12 percent of HAIs and costing thousands of dollars. This could prove worse for healthcare facilities as in 2017, Medicare will start penalizing hospitals that don’t control C. diff, MRSA and other HAIs.

Preventing C. diff saves money and protects everyone within the facility from infection, but many facilities are still struggling to find a cost effective method to overcome their HAI hurdles.

For facilities that are serious about dealing with these types of infections, the Halo Disinfection System kills C. diff and other pathogens at an average cost of less than $15 per room. HaloMist, the solution used in the Halo system, has an EPA-registered 6-log kill rate of C. diff spores when it’s fogged, or 99.9999 percent. Halo’s unique system provides total room disinfection, including hard to reach crevasses where pathogens can thrive.

You can find more information on the Halo Disinfection System, check out our HaloFogger Page.