The Use Instructions for HaloSpray have recently changed

We at Quip Laboratories would like to make all of our current Halo Disinfection System customers aware that the Use Instructions for HaloSpray have recently changed.
Our Halo customers will be receiving a full list of the changes, but we’re most proud of the new healthcare sites that have been added, and the elimination of the room size restriction.

As far as room sites go, the new label adds a few additional healthcare use sites and a very substantial list of new non-healthcare sites in the Life Science industry, schools, public transportation etc. It also permits use in food handling sites, however we do not recommend these products have any direct contact with food.
Emergency Vehicle decontamination was also approved as a fogging use site, but currently cars and ambulances are restricted for spraying use only.

As for the room size change, the room size restriction has been virtually eliminated from the label, and only appears in the miscellaneous claims section. This is great news for both our existing customers and those that were hesitant to use the Halo Disinfection System because of the room size restriction.

If you have any further questions about these changes, please feel free to contact your local Regional Account Manager.