Vimoba Tablets are Back!

Five Years in the Making: The New Vimoba Tablets

After nearly 5 years of relentless work, Vimoba Tablets are back! Our 100% non-corrosive, chlorine dioxide producing, Vimoba Tablets maintain the exact same efficacy, EPA Label claims, dilution rates and contact times as our MB-10 Tablets, while including a buffering agent that makes the Vimoba solution completely non-corrosive on stainless steel—even after prolonged use or exposure—and even when the solution dries on the surface.

After a major supply interruption disrupted our production of Vimoba Tablets five years ago, we made a commitment to our customers who rely on a non-corrosive chlorine dioxide solution. Now, we’re proud to reintroduce Vimoba Tablets to the market, and once again offer the most effective, most materially compatible disinfectant/sterilant available. The new production facility in Germany is a state of the art manufacturing plant that meets the strict standards of the Federal Office for Chemicals and has already begun shipping the first boxes of Vimoba Tablets to our main office in Delaware.

You can learn more about our Vimoba Tablets on our Vimoba Tablets product page!