You’re Invited to our First Webinar!

We are in the midst of an unprecedented supply chain and pricing environment. Given the importance of our clients’ work, we are keenly aware of your concerns about supply of raw materials and managing price increases. We would like to alleviate these concerns by inviting you to a webinar on our supply chain management tactics.

Over the course of Quip Lab’s 35+ year history, we’ve been through times like these before. Those experiences have allowed us to leverage our supplier relationships and financial strength to make sure we have the inventory we need to service our customers. To help you better understand how we navigate times like these and address any concerns you or your procurement department may have, we are offering a webinar with our executive team to talk through this important issue with you.

Join our executive team Monday, June 28th for a discussion about what we are doing to ensure supply chain consistency and how we’re keeping prices stable during these times

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