Foamit | Battery Operated Portable Foamer

FOAMIT: Battery Foam Unit with Stainless Steel Ball Valve Data Sheet

The Foamit Battery Foam Unit is a highly efficient and portable device designed for the sanitation of drain cleaning. With its wheeled design and advanced features, it provides easy and effective foam generation for comprehensive drain sanitation.

Key Features:

  • Draws from pre-mixed solution: The unit conveniently draws from pre-mixed solutions, ensuring consistent and accurate foam generation.
  • Battery operated: Powered by a reliable battery, the unit offers convenient portability and eliminates the need for external power sources.
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous use: Enjoy extended operation time with up to 45 minutes of continuous use on a single charge.
  • Stainless ball valve with foam fan tip: The stainless steel ball valve and foam fan tip ensure optimal foam dispersion and coverage.
  • Hinged back plate for tool-free access: The hinged back plate allows easy access to components without the need for additional tools.
  • Natural color tank for visibility: The natural color tank enables clear visibility of product levels, ensuring timely refills.
  • Hinged lid: The hinged lid adds convenience during refilling and maintenance.
  • Color coding options: Customize your unit with color-coded lids and discharge hoses, enabling easy identification and organization.
  • Integrated hose wraps: Keep the hoses tidy and organized with the integrated hose wraps.
  • Front-facing drain: The front-facing drain allows convenient and efficient drainage.

Drain Sanitation Systems:

Our Battery Foam Unit with Stainless Steel Ball Valve is part of our comprehensive Drain Sanitation Systems, designed to provide superior cleanliness and hygiene for drains. By utilizing foam, our equipment offers 360° contact and increased dwell time, ensuring maximum sanitation and removal of pathogens and biofilm.

Advantages of Foam:

Foam is the ideal solution for drain cleaning due to its unique properties. Unlike liquids, foam expands to contact the entire surface of the pipe, providing 360° contact along pipe walls. It can push past traps and travel long distances, ensuring thorough sanitation. Foam also breaks down slowly, allowing the chemical to work effectively for an extended period.

Experience the power of foam and ensure comprehensive drain sanitation with the Battery Foam Unit with Stainless Steel Ball Valve. Contact Quip Labs today for more information or to request a demonstration.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Quip Labs Equipment:

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Why should I buy my equipment from Quip Labs?

Purchasing your sanitizing equipment from our biosafety specialists means that you can be sure you are ordering the right equipment for your facility.

What Equipment does Quip Labs Sell?

At Quip Labs we sell a wide variety of the very best dispensing, filling, storage and application equipment.

Where is the equipment sold by Quip Labs manufactured?

At Quip Laboratories we make an effort to source much of our equipment from manufacturers within the United States. However, due to our competitive pricing, some of our equipment such as buckets and brushes come from outside the country.

What equipment should I purchase for use with my chemicals?

Unfortunately, the best way to understand the equipment you’ll need is to hear firsthand from you about your facility hygiene hurdles. Because of this, we may need to speak with you before recommending equipment for your facility.

I have an issue with my current equipment, can you help?

If you’re unhappy your current equipment we can absolutely help. Our specialists are well-versed in material compatibility and can recommend the right equipment for your chemical products.

Where can I purchase the equipment recommended by Quip Laboratories?

We’ll be happy to explain the type of mixing, storage and dispensing equipment recommended for your chemical products anytime, and, when you’re ready, you can get them directly from us for a one-stop shop.

Interested in purchasing equipment through Quip Labs?

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