Compatibility of Hydrogen Peroxide

Quip Labs White Paper: Compatibility of Dry Mist & Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

Executive Summary

Executive Summary:


    • H2O2 is exceptionally effective as a dry fog because it can fill hard-to-reach crevices and disinfect often missed corners of a facility.
    • Several studies have been conducted since the early 2000s to determine the effect of H2O2 systems on different materials present in industries that use them, and this paper provides a quick guide to the history of these studies and their findings.
    • A 2003 study by B&V Testing found that materials showed no significant changes in physical or chemical properties even after 500% typical use H2O2 exposure.
    • A 2010 study found that H2O2 did not cause any significant changes to any of the materials tested, including electronic equipment, plastics, rubbers, and stainless steel.
    • Overall, the paper concludes that H2O2 is an effective and compatible sterilization agent for healthcare, pharma, biomedical, and other industries that utilize exposed electronic instruments.
    • Estimated time to read: 5-7 minutes

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