MB-10™ Tablets Efficacy Against Viruses

Sensible Science Paper: ClO2 Solutions From MB-10™ Tablets Can Kill Viruses in Less Than 2 Minutes

Executive Summary

Executive Summary:


  • MB-10 tablets are a solid disinfectant that deliver chlorine dioxide to your facility hygiene or biosafety program and are effective against viruses.
  • The tablets consist of a mixture of inorganic salts and a chlorine generator that makes chlorine dioxide in water.
  • MB-10 tablets have been tested against a nonenveloped virus and shown to be effective in less than 2 minutes, with over 99.3% of the viruses inactivated after 30 seconds and substantially none capable of infection after 90 seconds.
  • Thin surface films of chlorine dioxide lose all their chlorine dioxide in well under 10 minutes, leaving only a dilute solution of simple inorganic salts in tap water.
  • MB-10 tablets are on the EPA’s List N with an Emerging Viral Pathogen claim and the Center for Biocide Chemistries’ list of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Fighting Products.
  • Estimated time to read: 3-5 minutes.

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