Wex-Cide 128 Irritation and Toxicology Reports

Executive Summary and Reports: Wex-Cide 128 - Use-Solution Irritation and Toxicology Reports

Executive Summary

Executive Summary:

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This executive summary provides an overview of the Wex-Cide Reports, focusing on the toxicity and irritation studies conducted on Wex-Cide 128, a phenolic disinfectant. The purpose of these studies was to determine the toxicity category and potential irritation effects of Wex-Cide 128 according to the guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The findings indicate that Wex-Cide 128 falls under EPA Category IV, representing the least toxic potential. Here are the key findings from each study:

  1. Dermal Irritation Study:
    • Tested on six rabbits using the Draize method.
    • Results showed that Wex-Cide 128 is not a primary irritant.
    • EPA toxicity indicator: Category IV (no irritation).
  2. Ocular Study:
    • Conducted on six rabbits.
    • No significant ocular irritation observed.
    • EPA toxicity indicator: Category IV (no corneal involvement or irritation).
  3. Sensitizer Study:
    • Guinea pig study indicated that Wex-Cide 128 is not a sensitizer.
  4. Acute Oral Toxicity Study:
    • Tested on female rats.
    • No mortality or significant weight loss observed.
    • Acute oral LD50 of Wex-Cide 128 in female rats is greater than 5,000 mg/kg.

Overall, based on the results of these studies, Wex-Cide 128 demonstrates low toxicity and minimal irritation potential. It does not cause significant dermal or ocular irritation, nor does it induce sensitization. The EPA categorizes Wex-Cide 128 as Category IV, the least toxic category. These findings support the safe use of Wex-Cide 128 as a disinfectant

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