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ViveStep Water Savings Calculator

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ViveStep Water Savings Calculator

For years, many research facilities have relied on liquid bleach footbaths or doorway foamers to reduce cross contamination. However:
  1. Liquid bleach breaks down outsoles of footwear.
  2. Liquid bleach efficacy can’t be easily verified.
  3. Doorway foamers require maintenance, and proper dosing
  4. Doorway foamers require a dedicated water line
  5. Liquids can be a slipping hazard.
That’s why Quip Labs and Sterilex have joined forces to introduce ViveStep to the research market. Based on proprietary PerQuat® chemistry, ViveStep is applied dry and designed to sanitize floors and boots and reduce cross contamination in animal research facilities including those housing chickens, swine, primates, and rabbits.

This calculator uses some basic assumptions like water flowrate and timer frequency to show the amount of water that could be saved by switching from a traditional doorway foamer system to ViveStep, eliminating the need to bring in additional water.  This can help companies hit sustainability goals, or create a more manageable environment by eliminating a moisture source that could harbor microbiological organisms.

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More About ViveStep

Reduce Cross-Contamination in Washrooms, Outdoor Caging Areas and More.

In addition to saving your facility on water, ViveStep is also designed specifically to kill and remove biofilm. The reason for this is that biofilm plays an important role in the pathogenisis of disease. In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that 65% of all bacterial infections are associated with biofilm formation, and close proximity of the bacteria allows for horizontal gene transfer to spread resistance as well.

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