What is Glove Juice?

What Is “Glove Juice” And How Can You Make Sure It Doesn’t Impede Your Work?

Products Effective Against Glove Juice

Prepare™ Hand Sanitizer

Looking for a COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer? Check out Prepare, from the biosafety and facility hygiene experts at Quip Labs.



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You know that moisture inside your rubber gloves?

That’s called “Glove Juice” and in addition to being pretty gross, it can also harbor a horde of unwanted microorganisms.

See inside your gloves is sweaty and dark and microbially rich… Which just so happens to be the perfect breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria.

This microbially rich “glove juice” can also speed deterioration of certain types of gloves, which can then tear, allowing the bacteria inside to come in contact with your work.

And then you have the fact that some studies have shown that more than 30 percent of all latex gloves tested allow bacteria and germs to pass through.

Now it should come as no surprise that the first step to reducing the number of these bacteria is good hand washing. But you should also pay close attention to the New Glove Checklist, choosing gloves based on tensile strength as well as making sure they are sized properly.

What else protects against glove juice?

You can reduce the number of bacteria that like to multiply in your gloves by not just washing your hands, but using an effective hand sanitizer as well.

We recommend an E3-Rated hand sanitizer like our Prepare Hand Sanitizer. Prepare is effective on bacteria and easy on your skin, and meets the guidelines for hand sanitizers by the world health organization so you know it’s effective at keeping those pathogenic bacteria at bay.

It also helps to dry hands before gloving up for less bacterial growth and less moisture, and that will make you—and your gloves—happy.

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