What is House-Hot Water?

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What is "House-Hot Water"?

“House-Hot” water is a general term for the hot water that is available throughout a facility. House-Hot water cleaning technologies work without the need for the washer to do additional heating, protecting the environment and your budget. While traditional cleaning agents require water to be heated to 140°-160° and use chemicals with pH at extreme levels to work, we’ve helped many achieve more neutral, less energy-intensive methods for cleaning caging and enrichment.

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Get to Know Your Hot Water Cage Wash Program:

How much of your cage wash cycle time is spent getting to temperature?

About 50% of a cycle time is involved with meeting temperature set points. That’s water being prepped—not working

How much time on average is needed to sanitize caging with hot water?

35 minutes or longer, on average, is needed to clean, sanitize and rinse cages using washer heated hot water

How much energy does hot water sanitation use?

An average 48,000 BTU’s of energy is needed to heat water to achieve sanitation.

What are the Benefits of House-Hot Water?

What are the Benefits of Switching to House-Hot Water?

House Hot Water Benefits

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