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The New HaloFogger EXT™

The new HaloFogger EXT from Halosil means simple, safe, effective disinfection can be wherever you need it, and at a fraction of the cost of a UV or VHP system.

You can learn more about the efficacy of our Halo Disinfection System by clicking the link below.

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The variety of biosafety products, equipment, training, monitoring, and advisory services we offer our clients are unsurpassed in the market. Our peak performance cleaning and disinfection products are easier to use, simpler to store and more effective against a wider range of pathogens, so you can say goodbye to Bioanxiety.

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  • See you at the AALAS National Meeting!

    We’re looking forward to seeing all of our Quip Labs customers at the AALAS National Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the five days of the meeting, we’ll be set up at booth #437, providing information on the latest in Quip Laboratories products and services. During this time, we’ll be handing out copies of our

  • Quip Laboratories to Carry Two New Wexford Labs Phenolics: Wex-Cide 128 and Phenex-Cel

    Wilmington, Delaware– Quip Laboratories Inc. is pleased to announce it will be adding two Wexford Labs phenolic disinfectants, Wex-Cide 128 and Phenex-Cel, to its list of one-step cleaners/disinfectants starting immediately. Wex-Cide 128 is a new acidic phenolic disinfectant and cleaner which can, because of its low pH, cut through rust, scale, hard water deposits and