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The New Halo FLX™

The new HaloFLX from Halosil means simple, safe, effective disinfection can be wherever you need it, and at a fraction of the cost of a UV or VHP system.

You can learn more about the efficacy of our Halo Disinfection System by clicking the link below.

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Our Videos Help Make It Safe. Simply and Sensibly.

At Quip Laboratories, we’ve always focused on helping you understand the basics of biosafety and proper sanitation. Now, we’ve created the “Ask Doctor Quip” series to provide easily digestible lessons in facility hygiene. Check back once a month for the latest video, or subscribe to make it even easier to get the latest information!

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  • Announcing the new Halo FLX

    Announcing the newest addition to its HaloFogger ® line of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide fogging devices for whole room disinfection, the Halo FLX®. This new model combines the proven effectiveness and volume capacity of Halosil’s standard, industry-proven HaloFogger with the added nozzle flexibility available with its HaloFogger® EXT, which is used to treat smaller spaces. The

  • We raised over $4000 for Project Healing Waters!

    We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to anyone who attended our Party for a Cause event in Charlotte. We’re proud to announce that we took in $4025 at the door for Project Healing Waters We at Quip Laboratories are always proud to support Project Healing Waters, and were to happy to see everyone from