The BullFogger – Disinfectant Fogger

The BullFogger Disinfectant Fogger is specially designed for atomizing and dispersing disinfectants in a variety of applications. These units are sturdy, compact, and powerful. The BullFogger is convenient for short-term use and can be connected to a metering pump for long-term use.

The BullFogger’s centrifugal atomization produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles of disinfectant solution. As the fog is dispensed, the atomized disinfectant travels through the air and the pathogens are neutralized.

This mobile disinfectant fogger features a four-position pivoting fogging head and powerful airflow propulsion. The fogging output is factory set at a maximum flow rate of 3.5 GPH, but it can be recalibrated by the operator for a variety of applications, such as humidification.

Need to learn more about how to use the BullFogger? Just click on the BullFogger User Manual below for instructions on use and care.

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