FCS800 Conductivity Controller

A Concentration Control and Pump System

Engineered Specifically for Chemical Feed Applications

Whether feeding caustic, acid or other conductive liquids to a process, this capable controller does it with ease and accuracy. Compared with other concentration controllers, the ControlGuard FCS is a breeze to program and maintain. Its optional secondary pump and pump controls make it well suited for two point / two chemical injection applications such as eggwash, bottle wash, can wash, and other industrial spray wash applications. ControlGuard FCS can be operated as a probe based dispenser or feed chemicals based on programmed daily/hourly events, repeat cycle
times or discreet signal inputs from PLCs, motor contactors or manual push button.

Key Features:

• Water tight molded plastic case with latch
• Menu driven digital programming
• Password protected menus
• Conductive or inductive probes
• Optional secondary pump controller
• Operates peristaltic, electric or air operated pumps
• Optional low supply beacon
• Private label available
• Temperature compensating inductive probe holds
chemical concentrations constant at any temperature
• Inductive probe never needs cleaning


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