Versa-Terg is a line of general purpose industrial liquid cleaners that are both effective and friendly to the environment. Derived from citrus oils, they pose no health hazards as they penetrate and remove a wide variety of soils, while imparting a natural citrus scent.

In addition to Versa-Terg, we’ve also recently introduced Versa-Terg 2, 3 and 4, creating a full line of these popular, general purpose cleaners.

Versa-Terg 2 is a biodegradable version of Versa Terg which has the same alkaline backbone but replaces non green surfactans with linear alcohol green versions. Versa-Terg 3 is a fully green version which replaces the TKPP asn silicates with Monoethanolamine and sodium citrate dihydrate. Same biodegradable surfactants found in Versa Terg 2 except this product has a pH in the 8.0 – 10.0 range.

Versa-Terg 4 is a new fragrance free version of our popular cleaner, for those that need all the cleaning power of Versa-Terg without the added scent.

Versa-Terg can be used on many metal surfaces without any adverse results.

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