Case Study: Cleaning With ViveSecure

ViveSecure Cleaner/Disinfectant Removes Heavy Soils in Swine Housing Clean in Place Process.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary:

  • The swine research facility was struggling to clean their housing area due to heavy soil buildup and stains.
  • Traditional cleaning methods, such as heavy scrubbing, power washing, and various cleaning products, were ineffective.
  • Quip Laboratories provided a demonstration of ViveSecure, a two-part PerQuat-based cleaner/disinfectant from Sterilex that has a chemical “scrubbing” action to break up tough soils without excessive mechanical scrubbing.
  • ViveSecure has a mild pH for improved user safety and wastewater discharge and can be applied with a pump up pro foamer.
  • The heavy soils and stains were washed away with minimal scrubbing and soak time, and the product had virtually no smell, which is beneficial in large animal holding areas.
  • Using ViveSecure can reduce chemical spend, require fewer employees and dangerous power washers to clean, and reduce the capacity of caging to carry harmful pathogens.
  • This information is presented in good faith, but final determinations on the suitability of this product are at the discretion of the purchasing parties.

Estimated time to read: 2-3 minutes.

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