EPA Triggers Emerging Viral Pathogens Policy for Marburg Virus

Wilmington, DE – Because of the recent viral outbreaks in Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea, the EPA has expanded the Emerging Viral Pathogens claim to include the Marburg Virus which causes Marburg virus disease. Marburg virus disease is a viral hemorrhagic fever that can be deadly, with a fatality rate of up to 88%, according to the World Health Organization.

The claim allows registrants to make indirect, off-label claims against Marburg Virus if their product has previously demonstrated effectiveness against viruses that are harder to inactivate than the emerging virus. This rule allows healthcare professionals and researchers to better understand which products will kill emerging viral pathogens, even before testing for specific pathogens is done.

Quip Labs, a leader in disinfection and decontamination, offers several chemistries with the emerging viral pathogens claim.

“At Quip Labs, we understand the importance of staying ahead of emerging viral pathogens and providing our customers with the most effective products to combat them. That’s why we offer several products with an Emerging Viral Pathogens claim, including Sani-Plex 128m, MB-10 Tablets, Vimoba Tablets, Quiptrol 3000, Vimoba 128, Vercex Wipes, Halomist, and Wex-Cide 128,” said Tim Hidell, President and Founder of Quip Labs.

“These products have undergone rigorous testing and have been proven effective against viruses that are harder to inactivate than Marburg virus. With Quip Labs’ products, customers can have peace of mind knowing they are using the most effective disinfectants to protect against emerging viral pathogens.”

To learn more about Quip Labs’ products with an Emerging Viral Pathogens claim and how they can help keep facilities safe and protected, please contact them at 1-800-424-2436 or visit their website at

About Quip Labs: Quip Laboratories provides facility hygiene solutions to various industries, from Environmental Monitoring and Decontamination services to proprietary disinfectants and sterilants. With in-house research and development, pathogen identification, production, quality control, and sales teams, Quip Labs offers a comprehensive approach to efficient and eco-gentle facility hygiene. They can be found on the web at or contacted by phone at 1-800-424-2436.

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