MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets

Formulated in the USA, Manufactured in Germany

MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets are the most convenient way yet to deliver the benefits of chlorine dioxide to your facility hygiene or biosafety program.  Simply drop this effervescent disinfectant tablet into a pint, quart or gallon of water. Unlike other tablets, the Aseptrol technology of MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets dissolves in minutes and creates a ready-to-use safe, stable, non-corrosive surface disinfectant and sterilant solution that can be used for up to seven days.

It’s also the only solid disinfectant on EPA’s List N (EPA #: 70060-19-46269) with an Emerging Viral Pathogen claim (under the ingredient Aseptrol) and is featured on the Center for Biocide Chemistries’ list of  Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Fighting Products. 

MB-10 Tablets, which come in both 1.5 and 6.0-gram sizes, are also approved by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation as a bactericide, virucidal, tuberculocidal, disinfectant and sterilant that eradicates microbes, sanitizes and oxidizes pollutants on surfaces.

These tablets are an excellent eco-gentle choice, breaking down harmlessly in the environment soon after delivering powerful results.

Product Features:

  • • Ready to use in minutes, not hours
  • • Non-corrosive
  • • Has zero cytotoxicity
  • • Excess solution can be safely disposed
  • • Maintains one of the broadest labels in the research industry

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Want to read more? You can find our MB-10 Cut Sheet here, or learn more by using the links to our Perfect Disinfectant Data Sheet, our MB-10 Label and our Aseptrol corrosivity infographic at the bottom of the page under “Additional Downloads”.

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