Our Tech Week Giveaway

Due to the overwhelming popularity of last year’s Oculus Virtual Reality Headset giveaways, we will once again be giving away Virtual Reality Headsets for Tech Week 2022! One Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset for each of the 8 AALAS Districts. Not only did we receive great feedback from last year’s giveaway, but this also allows

At the NCAB AALAS Meeting Today?

Stop by our booth at the event and learn more about our unique biosafety and facility hygiene chemistries and equipment, get a chance to meet the President of Quip Labs, Tim Hidell, as well as learn more about our brand new AccuPoint Advanced Next Generation ATP Meter. We look forward to helping you with any

Heading to the AALAS National Meeting?

We Can’t Wait To See You! We’re rolling out new products, donating live auction items and more this year. We’re always proud to sponsor AALAS’ efforts to help expand animal research around the world, and we look forward to seeing all of you who will be heading to Kansas City, MO this year. You can

Happy Independence Day!

F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously wrote, “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.” As the world slowly begins to return to normalcy and we look back on the last eighteen months, it’s clear that there were tragedies. Many Americans lost jobs, family members, opportunity, and hope. The pandemic not only affected the

You’re Invited to our First Webinar!

We are in the midst of an unprecedented supply chain and pricing environment. Given the importance of our clients’ work, we are keenly aware of your concerns about supply of raw materials and managing price increases. We would like to alleviate these concerns by inviting you to a webinar on our supply chain management tactics.Over

We have a new Dilution Ratio Tool!

  Need A Quick Reference Guide for Your Chemicals? We’ve got you covered. We’ve added a whole new set of tools to our Biosafety University page, including a dilution table, chemical calculators and some handy formulas. Bookmark the page and you’ll always be able to look up the active PPM, or diluted cost of any

Check out our video on choosing your cage wash detergent!

What’s the best cage wash detergent for your vivarium cage wash program? Well, while that depends a lot on the specifics of your program, these are a few things to always look out for when choosing a cage wash detergent.   Want to read more? Check out the topics page at https://quiplabs.com/whats-the-best-cage-wash-detergent

Announcing the Tech Week Giveaway!

In an effort to cut down on the tons of plastic, cotton and tech waste that result from marketing giveaways, this year we’ve decided to plan a fun activity for the techs we love! We’ve set up a quiz to help teach techs across the country more about basic biosafety, our cleaners and disinfectants, and