We’re officially announcing our Expanded Lab Services!

We’re officially announcing our Expanded Lab Services!

In an effort to meet the ever-increasing needs of our growing customer base, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded our environmental monitoring capabilities! Whether you have a mystery pathogen in your facility, or just need third-party validation, we can help.

We have a few different ways that we can now provide lab services, depending on your needs.

Our Difco HYcheck Service:
With our Difco HYcheck Service, we’ll supply the slide and label and our customers can press the slide themselves, and do their own incubating.
Our CFU Service:
With this service, our customers press and send the samples, and we check the growth and report back to you. With Maldi-tof, FAME and DNA Sequencing identification we can pinpoint exact bacteria, mold and yeast, and be better prepared to offer disinfection expertise that can get your facility back on track.
Our CFU+ Service:
With our CFU+ Service, we’ll gladly come to your facility, complete the sampling and ship back to our labs to test. Our CFU+ service also provides our customers a true third party validation, so that you can provide proof of your high standards to just about anyone.

Drinking Water Detection and Monitoring Services

We’ve also reorganized our PurityGard Animal Drinking Water detection and monitoring services to ensure we’re providing the absolute best care to you and your facilities.

You can learn more about our Expanded Lab Services by Visiting our Lab Services Page!