VetLabs Products

The HaloFogger LS


The mobile HaloFogger LS™ from Halosil dispenses the extremely effective  HaloSpray and HaloMist disinfectants, and features a 90 second delay in fogging. This delay, further limits the potential for inappropriate exposure to the hydrogen peroxide solution. This adds another safeguard for your employees, giving them more time to clear and seal a room before the HaloFogger begins dispensing.

MB-10 Tablets

MB-10 Tablets

MB-10 Tablets are the most convenient way yet to deliver the benefits of chlorine dioxide to your facility hygiene and biosafety program.  Simply drop this effervescent tablet into a pint, quart or gallon of water and, within minutes, the tablet dissolves into a safe, stable, multi-functional surface disinfectant and sterilant solution.

AccuPoint Advanced ATP Monitor

The AccuPoint®Advanced System is an ATP cleaning verification and tracking system that measures cleaning effectiveness. The system features a hand-held instrument and sampling devices that measure ATP levels on a variety of surfaces, including liquid containers, dispensers, receptacles and automated systems.

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SaniPlex 128

Sani-Plex 128 is a multipurpose, neutral pH, germicidal detergent that disinfects and cleans in one labor-saving step. It is effective in hard water in the presence of a moderate amount of soil (5% organic serum) as calculated by the AOAC Use-dilution Test, which makes it perfect for vet offices like yours.

Green Drain Sanitary Drain Plug

This innovative product is crucial to preventing the spread of different dangerous bacteria that can come up from sewers causing potential health hazards.The Green Drain is an eco-friendly solution for floor drains and eliminates the need to frequently pour primer and fresh water down the drain. It truly is an “install and ignore” solution for floor drain problems.

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