See you at the Nashville APIC Show!

Attending the national APIC Show at the Nashville Convention center on June 17th through the 29th? Be sure to look out for the Quip Laboratories booth (#1236) to find out more about our exciting facility hygiene solutions. Stop on by, and we’ll show you how to make your facility safer and more cost effective when you do.

Check out our Material Compatibility white paper

It’s not just enough for a disinfecting solution to eradicate microbes and pathogens, it also needs to react well to the surfaces in your facility. Our white paper  on the material compatibility of fogged hydrogen peroxide sheds some much needed light on how dry-fogged hydrogen peroxide reacts with the materials in your facility. You can find

MB-10® Tablets are fully stocked!

We’re fully stocked with MB-10 Tablets in both 1.5 and 6 gram sizes! If you’re looking for a powerful way to harness chlorine dioxide’s broad range of benefits (such as eradicating microbes, disinfecting, sanitizing and oxidizing pollutants on surfaces within minutes), contact your local Quip representative today or dial our toll-free number: (800) 424-2436. You can learn more about

Nationals is here!

Don’t forget to come find Quip at the National AALAS Meeting in San Antonio this year! You can find more info at the  AALAS website, and when you get there remember to come see us at booth #850. See you there y’all!

Quip In Print: “C.S.I. Vivarium”

Decontamination needn't strike fear into a facility manager's heart," the authors assert, "and it needn't disrupt your entire facility's operation. The key to successfully integrating a decontamination project into otherwise normal facility operations is for it to be localised, well-planned, thorough and carefully executed using a pre-existing set of policies and procedures

Summer 2014 News

This year has been particularly exciting at Quip Laboratories, with the addition of new products and team members.  Quip now offers one of the broadest ranges of products and services to solve hygiene, sanitation and biosafety challenges. From water quality and surface decontamination, to equipment sanitation and innovative detergents and biocides, we are proud of