Products Included with the Maestrochem Service

Orion Pump

All piping and fittings

The MaestroChem Tank

Learn more about the MaestroChem System:

The MaestroChem© Cage Wash Chemical management System is a comprehensive approach to delivery, transfer, storage, dispensing and monitoring of cleaning chemicals.

The MaestroChem© System ensures safe and efficient delivery, transfer, storage, distribution, monitoring and dispensing of Quip Laboratories’ chemistries.  Clients benefit from having a tailored system that enable continuous operation of their washing centers with reduced staff involvement in the direct handling of chemicals.

While each system is designed for the client’s specific needs, each MaestroChem© System effectively integrates components, and services, to work in concert with Quip Laboratories’ proprietary chemistries.  Since your confidence in these system components is a key to your management’s peace of mind, the equipment represents the latest in reliable, cost-effective technology.

Each MaestroChem© Cage Wash Chemical Management System employs both technical equipment and a team of biosafety experts dedicated to superior operational performance in your facility.

System Components & Services

  • Chemistries & Detergent Agents
  • Storage Tanks
  • Transfer System Pumps & Regulators
  • Dispensing
  • Documentation
  • Equipment Installation
  • Training of Facility Staff
  • Maintenance

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your Cage Wash Chemical Management objectives and answer your questions, about the financial and operational benefits of implementing a MaestroChem© System.

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