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Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver

The Silver Lining | The Biosafety Insights Blog

Air, Disinfectants, Halo Disinfection System The Silver Lining: An Overview of the Science Behind HaloMist™ (Originally Published on HaloMist™, Halosil NXT's flagship hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, is a proven healthcare, research and whole-room disinfection chemistry that utilizes a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver for its efficacy. In this blog, we’ll delve into the science behind this unique disinfection formula,
UV Disinfection vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

UV Disinfection vs. Hydrogen Peroxide: Which is the Superior Whole-Room Disinfection?

Air, Biomedical Research, Halo Disinfection System, UV Disinfection Tags: , , , Emerging Whole-Room Disinfection Solutions Whole-room disinfection has never been as prominent or scrutinized as it has been over the past few years. With each new high-profile case of an infectious outbreak, the scientific community intensifies its focus on how to prevent these devastating breeches in biosafety, and more and more it looks like the solution

How does the Halo Disinfection System Compare to UV?

Halo Disinfection System

By now you know that without effective disinfection, it’s nearly impossible to prevent disease-causing pathogens. The real question that remains is, “what’s the simplest way to achieve whole-room disinfection?” Whole-room, “no-touch” solutions to disinfection like UV and fogged disinfectants are attractive in the battle against pathogens because they take human error out of the equation. Because the