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Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver

The Silver Lining | The Biosafety Insights Blog

Air, Disinfectants, Halo Disinfection System The Silver Lining: An Overview of the Science Behind HaloMist™ (Originally Published on HaloMist™, Halosil NXT's flagship hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, is a proven healthcare, research and whole-room disinfection chemistry that utilizes a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver for its efficacy. In this blog, we’ll delve into the science behind this unique disinfection formula,
Choosing the RIght Disinfectant

How Do I Choose the Right Disinfectant?

Disinfectants, Pathogen Looking for the right disinfectant for your research or healthcare facility? Trying to determine how to choose the right disinfectant for research or life sciences? Looking for the right disinfectant for a vivarium or lab? When choosing a disinfectant or sterilant for your laboratory, it’s important to understand the attributes of each individual disinfectant, as