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Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver

The Silver Lining | The Biosafety Insights Blog

Air, Disinfectants, Halo Disinfection System The Silver Lining: An Overview of the Science Behind HaloMist™ (Originally Published on HaloMist™, Halosil NXT's flagship hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, is a proven healthcare, research and whole-room disinfection chemistry that utilizes a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver for its efficacy. In this blog, we’ll delve into the science behind this unique disinfection formula,
UV Disinfection vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

UV Disinfection vs. Hydrogen Peroxide: Which is the Superior Whole-Room Disinfection?

Air, Biomedical Research, Halo Disinfection System, UV Disinfection Tags: , , , Emerging Whole-Room Disinfection Solutions Whole-room disinfection has never been as prominent or scrutinized as it has been over the past few years. With each new high-profile case of an infectious outbreak, the scientific community intensifies its focus on how to prevent these devastating breeches in biosafety, and more and more it looks like the solution

We’re officially announcing our Expanded Lab Services!

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We’re officially announcing our Expanded Lab Services! In an effort to meet the ever-increasing needs of our growing customer base, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded our environmental monitoring capabilities! Whether you have a mystery pathogen in your facility, or just need third-party validation, we can help. We have a few different ways that we can

Announcing the HaloFogger FLX

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Announcing the newest addition to its HaloFogger ® line of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide fogging devices for whole room disinfection, the HaloFogger FLX®. This new model combines the proven effectiveness and volume capacity of Halosil’s standard, industry-proven HaloFogger with the added nozzle flexibility available with its HaloFogger® EXT, which is used to treat smaller spaces. The