Best Practices For Cleaning In A Vivarium

Want to improve the hygiene practices in your vivarium?

At Quip Labs, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products for vivarium and animal care facilities. That’s why we were thrilled to see the results of a recent research poster presented by researchers at UCLA, who sought to validate their sanitation processes and identify the most effective cleaner/disinfectant for all surfaces in the animal rooms.

After evaluating multiple chemistries and mop types, the researchers found that a quaternary ammonia disinfectant from Quip Labs was most effective in reducing soil load and had no behavioral aversion by the animals. In fact, the quaternary ammonia disinfectant in the study was found to be more effective than hydrogen peroxide, and left no residue or foam.

If you’re interested in learning more about the study and how Quip Labs products can help improve the hygiene practices in your animal care facility, we invite you to download the full UCLA poster by clicking the button below.

Summary of the Study:

  1. UCLA’s Lab Animal Medicine Dept. implemented EMP to validate sanitation processes for 38,000 rodent cages across 10 buildings.
  2. Identified challenges in hygiene practices, focused on organic material post-floor cleaning.
  3. Aimed to find a single cleaner/disinfectant without odor, residue, with validated efficacy.
  4. Evaluated hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and alkaline pH quaternary ammonium (Quat) using ATP samples.
  5. H2O2 and Quat with microfiber reduced soil load, Quat was optimal (p=0.0039).
  6. Quat had no residue, no foam, only 1.25 oz used compared to 2-8 oz of H2O2.
  7. Most importantly, Quat did not cause aversive behaviors in mice.

Get the full UCLA poster now!

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