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NHP Alkaline Cage Wash Cleaner
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Pri-Mate Alkaline

Looking for an NHP Alkaline Cage Wash Cleaner? Pri-Mate Alkaline Products are a line of Alkaline cage wash cleaners specifically designed for NHP research.

Available in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated chemistries, Pri-Mate Alkaline Products have been shown to be incredibly effective for the removal of the heavy soils associated with primate research such as oils and fecal matter.

You can learn more about our Primagiene program by checking out our Primagiene page, or by watching out Primagiene YouTube video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pH of Pri-Mate Alkaline?

Pri-Mate Acid NHP Alkaline Cage Wash Cleaner has a pH of >12.

What Types of Surfaces Is Pri-Mate Alkaline Recommended For?

Pri-Mate Alkaline is designed to be used on all materials associated with primate caging including hard and stainless steels and plexiglass.

Can Pri-Mate Alkaline be disposed of without neutralization?

Pri-Mate Alkaline is a combinational chemistry designed to be used in conjunction with Pri-Mate Acid. When used together, these two products require no additional neutralization before disposal.

What's the Active Ingredient of Pri-Mate Alkaline?

Pri-Mate Alkaline, NHP Alkaline Cage Wash Cleaner uses a proprietary blend of detergents and surfactants and comes in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated chemistries.

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