MB-10 Accessories and Equipment

PVC-Coated, Amber Glass Dip Bottles and Stand

Amber bottles in stand

These amber bottles are guaranteed to be chemically compatible with your MB-10 tablets. The PVC-coated, amber-tinted glass bottles are shatterproof and rest easily in our clear, egonomically-shaped plexiglass frame.

Use-Solution Hurricane Fogger

Dynafogger (accessories page)

The Hurricane Fogger is capable of dispensing a fog of our MB-10 when in an aqueous solution. With an adjustable output of 0-5 gallons per hour, this versatile unit gives you the power to create chlorine dioxide fog wherever you need it most.

Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips

CO2 Test Strips (Accesories page)


Need to measure the PPM of Chlorine Dioxide in your solution? Our Chlorine Dioxide test strips were created to measure the presence and concentration level of Chlorine Dioxide quickly and easily.

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PET Plastic Spray bottles with MB-10 Labels

These PET, chemically compatible plastic spray bottles are ergonomically shaped and guaranteed to not interact with your chlorine dioxide solution. Made from opaque white plastic so that light doesn’t diminish the strength of your MB-10 solution.

PET Plastic gallon bottles with MB-10 Labels

At Quip Labs, we offer a variety of plastic bottles across a range of industries. Our bottles are made specifically for the chemicals we sell, so you will never have any issues with chemical degradation or material compatability.

Wall Mounted Electric Sprayer

Make quick work of your next job with our Electric Disinfectant sprayer. This 5 gallon, wall-mounted sprayer provides complete coverage while saving your employees time and effort when compared to pump sprayers.